Promised Land

An award-winning documentary, PROMISED LAND, a social justice film on the Duwamish and Chinook tribes, their fight for restoration, and what the federal recognition process says about indigenous sovereignty today.

Educational License + Screening License (PPR)

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Educational License + Screening License (PPR)

from 250.00

Purchase the special educational DVD of Promised Land, the award-winning documentary and winner of the Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking Awards in the 10th Annual LA Skins Fest, official selection of the 41st Annual American Indian Film Festival, Northwest Film Forum's 19th Annual Local Sightings Film Festival, the 12th Annual Ellensburg Film Festival, and the 5th Annual Social Justice Film Festival, among others. 

The educational DVD includes the feature documentary plus hours of additional content, exploring Chinook history, Duwamish history, the building of the Cathlapotle plankhouse in Ridgefield, WA, the Duwamish river cleanup efforts, and more. The bonus footage also takes a deeper look at federal recognition and sovereignty politics from a national and international perspective, removed from the regional focus used the film. 

Each bonus disc in the educational extended version takes the Duwamish, Chinook, and Sovereignty sections and breaks up the content modularly in 5-20 minute segments for easy use in educational and training programs, in addition to the bonus material not featured in the film.

This package grants use of the educational DVD is licensed for unlimited use in one location such as a school, class, library, museum, or training program, as well as one single public performance license for a screening on campus or any local venue associated with the license holder.

If you would like to host multiple public screenings, an educational license holder may order additional screening licenses at a reduced rate.

Additional educational materials will be available fall 2017 (pending tribal approval of the additional videos and interviews in the DVD) to teach groups about Duwamish history, Chinook history, and the issues surrounding federal recognition.

Contact us to learn more about reduced additional screenings licenses and educational materials.

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Upon purchasing this license, we will send you a contract to sign detailing your Public Performance License usage and ownership of the screening and educational DVDs and detailing any additional services we can provide you with custom group discussion guides, filmmaker visits, Duwamish or Chinook participation, or help involving your area's local tribal leadership. Once the contract is signed, press kit materials and the DVD you selected will be sent to you within the timeframe designated by the shipping speed you selected.