Promised Land

An award-winning documentary, PROMISED LAND, a social justice film on the Duwamish and Chinook tribes, their fight for restoration, and what the federal recognition process says about indigenous sovereignty today.

Extended Edition Promised Land Blu-ray (with DVD)

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Extended Edition Promised Land Blu-ray (with DVD)



Purchase a home-use copy of Promised Land, the award-winning documentary and winner of the Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking Awards in the 10th Annual LA Skins Fest, official selection of the 41st Annual American Indian Film Festival, Northwest Film Forum's 19th Annual Local Sightings Film Festival, the 12th Annual Ellensburg Film Festival, and the 5th Annual Social Justice Film Festival, among others. 

This extended edition blu-ray contains the feature film, plus an additional forty minutes of bonus materials on Chinook Nation history and culture, Duwamish Tribe history and culture, and sovereignty politics on the blu-ray disc (the standard DVD included in this set only contains the feature film.)

For home-use purposes only (contact us to learn about the educational, corporate, public screening, and library licenses.)

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Promised Land is an award-winning social justice documentary that follows two tribes in the Pacific Northwest: the Duwamish and the Chinook, as they fight for the restoration of treaty rights they've long been denied. In following their story, the film examines a larger problem in the way that the government and society still looks at tribal sovereignty.

"The film is about federal recognition, yes, but on a deeper level it’s about how to be an Indian in the modern world, how to fight even if you’re an elderly lady or a terminally ill man, how to take joy from the fight because of the friends you make, and most importantly, how to face death bravely and with honor, recognizing it as a transition and not an end. The U.S. will someday crumble into dust and be forgotten like all other empires. But cultures like the Chinook and the Duwamish will endure indefinitely, as long as there are those who love their ancestors and honor them with good work."

- Indian Country Today


In addition to buying a copy of this film, you can donate directly to the tribes themselves.

Please consider giving to Real Rent Duwamish and the Chinook Nation Tansy Point Reclamation Project.

To learn more about these projects, books you can read to learn more, and links to the tribes themselves, click here.


If you are looking for a copy of the film for your classroom or library, please contact us to learn more about our special educational license which allows for use in educational and library settings.

It contains a three disc edition, which not only contains the feature film and hours of bonus materials, but also has the feature film broken up into 5-20 minute topical segments for flexibility of use when teaching.

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(Educational study guides will be released later this fall.)


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