Promised Land

An award-winning documentary, PROMISED LAND, a social justice film on the Duwamish and Chinook tribes, their fight for restoration, and what the federal recognition process says about indigenous sovereignty today.

Streaming Rights + Educational DVD + Screening License

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Streaming Rights + Educational DVD + Screening License


Purchase the streaming rights and an educational DVD of Promised Land, the award-winning documentary and winner of the Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking Awards in the 10th Annual LA Skins Fest, official selection of the 41st Annual American Indian Film Festival, Northwest Film Forum's 19th Annual Local Sightings Film Festival, the 12th Annual Ellensburg Film Festival, and the 5th Annual Social Justice Film Festival, among others. The educational DVD will include the feature documentary plus hours of additional content, exploring more about the federal recognition process, Chinook history, Duwamish history, the building of the Cathlapotle plankhouse in Ridgefield, WA, the Duwamish river cleanup efforts, and more.

This license grants a three year streaming license to an institution who agrees to host the film on a secure server, providing access only to students, faculty, or members of the educational institution, and not allowing downloading or public screening rights to the film in anyway. It grants an unlimited term license for the educational DVD, and as part of the package, offers the educational DVD at a reduced price.

This package also offers a one-time public performance license at a reduced price to exhibit the film in a non-classroom setting and to use proceeds from the event to donate to the tribe, covers event costs, etc. Additional screening licenses may be purchased at a later time.

Educational DVDs will be available later in winter 2017 (pending tribal approval of the additional videos and interviews in the DVD) to teach groups about Duwamish history, Chinook history, and the issues surrounding federal recognition. Streaming the theatrical version of the film will be available for those institutions pre-ordering the license August 1, 2017 and will be available for three years after receipt of the digital file. 

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