Promised Land

An award-winning documentary, PROMISED LAND, a social justice film on the Duwamish and Chinook tribes, their fight for restoration, and what the federal recognition process says about indigenous sovereignty today.

Who We Are

Vasant and Sarah Samudre Salcedo are Tall Firs Cinema, a filmmaking and writing partnership located in Seattle, WA. Together they own Tall Firs Productions which specializes in digital media for authors and artists (websites, photography, graphic design) and creating videos for non-profits and businesses, with a special focus on artists and arts organizations.  They are co-writing and co-directing the documentary. Sarah, a published writer, is producing the film and Vasant, who has over a decade of experience in video production, is editing the film. This is their first feature. 

Claire Salcedo is a writer, poet, playwright and musician. She has written, performed and produced two albums, Ragged (2012) and In the Dust (2011.) She is scoring the film and assisting in production.

Ralph Helm, a filmmaker; editor; and visual effects artist, was assistant editor and artwork in the film, as well as the Bear design in the film's poster, was beautifully drawn and rendered by Jeffrey Veregge.


We have been supported by several generous grants from 4CultureSan Francisco Film Society is our fiscal sponsor and our equipment is provided by Indie Services.